Tom and I had a morning in Glasgow today while we were down in Ayr. We headed to Cumbernauld to see a man about some stairs and then back to Hillington to Rocca Granite about…….yes you’ve guessed it…….granite.

We are going for oak with glass and the people Stockwell were very friendly indeed. Gorgeous stairs, exactly what we wanted.

As for the granite, Rocca are by far the cheapest we have been quoted and Jenni has been extremely patient and friendly. We are going for Black Pearl most due to keeping the price but we are delighted with it.

So successful day all round!


Evening all, I haven’t been to site for a couple of weeks hence the lack of posts. However Tom has been so I’ve nicked his photos to share with you instead.

This is the steel frame that we had been waiting on from Deeside Timberframe. Turns out there’s something wrong with it. We need to get it sorted so that the windows will fit. Would have been a Grand Designs moment if Tom and Alan hadn’t noticed!

More scaffolding has gone up and you’ll notice that the foundation walls are now completed. Since these photos were taken the floor slab has also been completed.

And here is the view from the gable window in the kitchen. Pretty great. This is why it will all be worth it!

I think there drainage to go in and Alan has to lay pipes across a field for water connections too. The timber kit is being manufactured so it’s looking like July for some actual real walls!! Woohoo!

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