My happy place

Couldn't wait to get down this weekend even though nothing has really changed!

Back of the house from the bottom of the garden

Thought I'd share with you something very thoughtful and clever that one of our best friends made for us.

Take a bow Ali Robertson! This is the CAD drawings for the timber kit. He's a pretty awesome friend and designer!

That's all for now…….just venting my excitement!

Yes friends, we have some very wonderful walls!

Alan and Michael, our magicians builders, have worked magic and the downstairs walls are up! I was able to take my mum and dad on a FaceTime walk through the downstairs and as I left the last few walls were going up. It looks fantastic.

It was very cool seeing where the front door will be and being able to see the proper views that we will have.

Front Door

View from the Guest Bedroom

Those are sarking boards through the window BTW, they're for the roof. I learned a lot on site today! At one point I was there with the structural engineer (Tom!), the architect (Scott Ewan) and the builder so I asked a lot of questions. I now know what a cripple stud is, that builders do in fact have a favourite hammer and that architects design gardens as part of the design process.

This time next week we SHOULD have a roof.

The entrance hallway

Today was a happy house day 🏠🙂

Ssshhhhh…….don't tell anyone but we have a spy at Deeside Timber Frame! Look what was happening yesterday!

This is our house! Those lovely gentlemen are making the panels that will be the walls.

A pile of walls!! I have to admit to nearly crying when I saw these yesterday. Such an exciting moment.

It has taken longer than we hoped but Derek Watson at Deeside has been hugely helpful and it's coming the day after tomorrow. Yippee!!

We have been very busy over the school holidays with family stuff hence the lack of blogging! However I know many of you are dying to know what has been going on so I'm going to get back on it!

We have had a bit of delay with the timber frame but the good news is that it is being delivered on Thursday. Hoorah! This means Alan can start putting up the walls this week and I cannot wait!

The big news is that the windows have arrived.

They are timber windows clad in aluminium and we love them. They are Rationel windows provided by Architectural Doors & Windows in Sauchen. They are also huge. I guess you never usually see windows when they're not in a wall but they are certainly going to be a major feature in the house.

These sliding doors are going to be in the main lounge (Finlay is there for size!)…….

And this is the Arch window which will be in the hallway………

Next time, we should have the beginnings of some walls!

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