Today was the first time I have been to the new house in AGES when it hasn’t been raining! It was sunny, calm and gorgeous.

We have had a few issues getting the rigid board insulation for the roof and this was starting to threaten to hold things up. Who knew there was a worldwide shortage of rigid board insulation??!! We do now! However, Tom got on it and, with some help from the architectural department at work, managed to find an alternative to the stuff we had hoped to use. Anyway, it got delivered today.

The blacksmith was also in today to finish off the steelwork in the big vaulted window in the kitchen. It’s beginning to take shape and looks ace. I had to leave before they finished.

The roof trusses are finished and sarking boards and insulation is going on tomorrow. Once the Velux windows have been delivered we’ll be wind and water tight. Hoorah! Alan and Michael started on the roof above the bay window too.

We’ve been taking pictures from the same spot on site from day one. It properly looks like a house now. 😊 🏡 Our very own home. ❤️


……to being dry and cosy! The guys have finished the trusses for the roof and they’ve started on the huge window in the kitchen.

To be honest, that’s about all there is to see – those were big jobs. It shouldn’t be long now before we hit the major landmark of being wind and water tight. We reckon the sarking boards might go in the roof this week (but haven’t spoken to Alan since last week so we could be completely wrong!).

Hoping to get down to site this week and then I will have more news!

I mentioned the roof in my previous post. Nearly all of the trusses are in place which has given a great sense of scale for the upstairs bedrooms. And the kids’ bedroom window frames at in place which has been good to see.

The boards are on the garage roof too.

Looking GREAT!

Loads has changed over the last week. Most of the roof is on and most of the downstairs windows are in. Apart from the Biggies. They’re going in last to make it easier to things in and out.

Sliding doors are looking fab…….

…..they also have a lovely sliding action!

The tall windows in the family room also look great……

We have aluminium clad timber Rationel windows from Architectural Doors & Windows and we love them. Beautifully made and from the outside they’re going to look very striking.

We also have a front door and a back door. These were from Moray Woodkraft and again they are such brilliant quality.

I’ve been very much looking forward to seeing all the windows and external doors go in and it didn’t disappoint.

Today was a big day in the Young Family – Finlay’s first day at school! So I took the opportunity to go to site and sit around watching for a bit!

I had a chat with a lovely gentleman from Home Energy Scotland who was assessing the house for an interest free renewables loan of which he has deemed us suitable! Phew! So we are green for go (excuse the pun!) for our solar panels and air source heat pump.

Meanwhile, the roof trusses are almost all up. The upstairs looks ace and is very spacious. It’s awesome seeing the view from upstairs, something new again this week.

And from the back it looks great, too!

Come back soon for a proper roof!

This time last week we were celebrating the delivery of the timber frame kit and looking forward to seeing a real house start to appear out of the ground. This week we have walls and nearly a roof. It’s fantastic!

The trusses arrived on Monday and they have given us an impression of the upstairs and we should have a roof by the end of next week. The interior walls are all up and the frame for the arch window is in place too. I’ve used Eve for perspective…….

So excited about the roof going on. And it’s ace being able to see the rooms properly taking shape. The views never get old either!

I’ll report back soon, it changes every day!

My happy place

Couldn't wait to get down this weekend even though nothing has really changed!

Back of the house from the bottom of the garden

Thought I'd share with you something very thoughtful and clever that one of our best friends made for us.

Take a bow Ali Robertson! This is the CAD drawings for the timber kit. He's a pretty awesome friend and designer!

That's all for now…….just venting my excitement!

Yes friends, we have some very wonderful walls!

Alan and Michael, our magicians builders, have worked magic and the downstairs walls are up! I was able to take my mum and dad on a FaceTime walk through the downstairs and as I left the last few walls were going up. It looks fantastic.

It was very cool seeing where the front door will be and being able to see the proper views that we will have.

Front Door

View from the Guest Bedroom

Those are sarking boards through the window BTW, they're for the roof. I learned a lot on site today! At one point I was there with the structural engineer (Tom!), the architect (Scott Ewan) and the builder so I asked a lot of questions. I now know what a cripple stud is, that builders do in fact have a favourite hammer and that architects design gardens as part of the design process.

This time next week we SHOULD have a roof.

The entrance hallway

Today was a happy house day 🏠🙂

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